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Wainaku-Kaiwiki Community Association Newsletter

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Annual Meeting and Election of OfficersThe Annual Meeting of the Wainaku


Kaiwiki Community Association was held at the Wainaku Gym on Thursday, March 24. Officers elected for the coming year are as


President   Cindy Inoue

Vice-president   Gary Barr

Secretary   Dan Lindsay

Treasurer   Bill Lowe

Directors   Gene Inoue, Sharon O’Connell, Ernest Pacheco,

Charles Pavao


Annual dues for the Association are $10.00 per household.

Please use the form at the bottom of this newsletter to send in your donation, or call Bill Lowe at 961-9277. Your donations are the only source of income the Association has! Mahalo for your support.


What’s Happening in the Honoli‘i Gulch?

Many people have noticed that there is a lot of activity in Honoli‘i Gulch, just north of our ridge. Helicopters are flying and landing, bulldozers are digging, minivans are chugging up and down the hill. So what’s happening there? A company called KapohoKine Adventures is building a zip line and tourist center on former ag land. Many residents, both here and in Pauka‘a, fear that our quiet

communities and the lovely pure Honoli‘i Stream will be ruined forever. Led by Gwen Herrington and Micah Miller, whose property is closest to the construction site, a group of neighbors is trying to get more information and to influence the County’s decision regarding granting KapohoKine permission to build their operation.


The Association voted unanimously to support our neighbors in their efforts to prevent further damage to Honoli‘i Stream and our area.

President Cindy Inoue will write to the Mayor and other concerned parties. Please get involved! If you are concerned about the commercialization of Honoli‘i Stream, and the noise and disruption which large-scale tourist activities will bring, please call Cindy Inoue at 961-9277 or Gwen Herrington at 935-2032.

Improvements at the Upper Kaiwiki Park.


The Association has some remaining grant money. Some of it will be used to build a concrete walkway between the barbecue structure and the pavilion at Kaiwiki Park.


Donation for Japan

At the Annual Meeting, the membership approved a donation of $100 to the Red Cross to help tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan.


Kaiwiki Road Clean – Up Day

Saturday May 14 9-11:30 a. m.

If you want to work in teams, meet at Kaiwiki Park at 9 a. m.

Latex gloves, trash bags, and water will be provided. There will be an optional potluck lunch at Kaiwiki Park

following the event.

If it is raining or the ground is too wet, we will postpone the clean-up to the following Saturday.


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