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Park Pavilion Project

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Park Pavilion Project:  Gene Inoue and Charlie Pavao are continuing their repairs to Kaiwiki Park pavilion through the association’s community/county partnership.  Their next step is to remove and replace the pavilion’s worn wood ceiling.  (The county supplies the materials; we supply the labor.)

Volunteers Needed – we need help with his large scale job. Once the paneling is removed they will assess the condition of the ceiling infrastructure to determine if some of the beams need replacement or the installation work can start. If you’re available to help, please contact me via email or #961-9277-home or Gene at #937-2708-cell. 
Date:      May 17, Saturday
Time:      8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Place:     Kaiwiki Park Pavilion
What to bring:  work clothes, hat, hammer and if you have, a crowbar.

Refreshment Brigade:  I’ll set up a table to provide water/soft drinks and food to the volunteers.  If you’d like donate food, help me serve, etc. let me know.


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