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Kaiwiki Chapel Update


Central Christian Church’s (CCC) new pastor has taken an interest in saving Kaiwiki Chapel from nature’s decay.  CCC was built for the Kaiwiki portuguese plantation families 107 years ago and is located 4 miles up Kaiwiki Road on the mauka side of the street.

Neighbors Cindy Inoue, Sharon Pavao and cousin Charlie Pavao (whose uncle built the chapel) were invited to meet with the pastor to discuss its future. Although a recent deal fell through to save it, the pastor wants to proceed with our community’s original plan to place a protective tarp over the top, repair the floorboard, etc. to eventually use it as a community gathering place.

VOLUNTEERS/DONATIONS:  Our community association would like to partner with CCC to make this happen.  Anyone have access to a “bucket loader” elevated cherry picker or a large strong tarp & rope to protect the top of the chapel?

If you would like to volunteer your time, services, labor, equipment, or donate funds to this worthy cause, please email or text neighbor Cindy Inoue at cindykondo@msn.com or text 808.366-0287.

Thank you for your time.

John Lawler,


Wainaku Kaiwiki Community Association (WKCA)

2 thoughts on “Kaiwiki Chapel Update

  1. I remember that church as a child. My auntie Christine Pacheco is buried there and i actually visited her and the church today. I love this church and seeing it brings back so many memories. I hope it will be saved. Can anyone tell me when it actually stopped being used?


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