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2/12/20 Newsletter

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Annual   Membership   Meeting   Edition  

February   12,   2020  


*   Saturday,   2/15,   8:30am:   Pavilion   and   Road   Cleanup   (meet   at   the   park)  

*   Saturday   March   7,    Noon    Annual   Membership   Meeting  


Saturday,   Feb.   15    is   our   next   scheduled   Road   Cleanup.    You   may   have   noticed   that   the   holiday   season   has  

left   its   presents   along   the   road.    Meet   at   the   upper   park   pavilion   at   8:30.    Bring   gloves,   the   association   will  

provide   orange   vests,   garbage   bags   and   water.  


Our   annual   meeting   will   be   on   Saturday   the   7th.   at   noon.    Bring   something   food   and   stories   to   share.    The  

meeting   will   start   at   1:00   after   which   there   will   be   more   time   to   share   stories   “of   the   road”.    The   meeting  

agenda,   at   this   time   will   include   the   election    of   ofers   and   at-large   board   members    (9   total).   

Also   an   update   on   the   pa vilion    r enovation    saga   which   continues   to   move   forward.    The   list   of   materials  

required   to   do   the   work   is   being   prepared   for   bid.    Perhaps   we   will   have   enough   information   to   go   ahead  

and     the   dates   to   do   the   work.  

The   r ecycling    crisis,   maybe   WKCA   can   be   helpful   and   then   the   calendar    dates    for   our   traditional   August  

and   holiday   get   togethers   or   any   other   calendar   items.  

If   anyone   has   other    items    to   place   on   the   agenda   please   send   them   on   via   this   email   address.    Thank   you  

Gary   Barr     current   WKCA   President  

http://www.facebook.com/friendsoaiwikipark         website  w  ww.kaiwiki.org  

email:    wkcassoc@gmailcom  


Vice   President



Gary   Barr  

Roxanna   Lynch  

Dan   Lindsay  

Jean   Trefethen  

Members   at   Large:    Sharon   O’Connell,   Pam   Brand,   Beverly   Fuller,   Scott   Trefethen,   Mihaela   Ryer,   Charlie   Pavao   (Emeritus)  

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