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2/29/20 Newsletter

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February   29,   2020  


*   Saturday,   March   7,    Noon:   Annual   Membership   Meeting   &   Potluck   

*   Saturday,   June   20,   8:30:   Road   Cleanup   (tentatively   meet   at   the   pavilion)  

*   Sunday,   August   9,   Time   TBD:   Annual   Summer   Potluck  

ANNUAL   ORGANIZATION   MEETING        Potluck   social,   election   of   board   and   of  and   issues   of   interest.  

The   Agenda   will   include:  

  Election   of   of 

  Update   on   Pavilion   renovation  

  Meet   and   Greet   with   Council   Candidate   Heather   Kimball  

  Plastic   recycling  

  Other   issues   from   the    

Bring   something   to   share,   food   and   drink   available   from   noon,   the   meeting   will   start    at   1:00pm  


Saturday,   Feb.   15    was   our   road   cleanup   day,   we  

had   the   best   turnout   yet   and   consequently   the  

biggest   (unfortunately)   garbage   haul.    Not  

pictured,   are   Sharon   O’Connell   and   Rick,   Hilary  

and   Tom   and   their   friend   Rachel   (who   is   from  

elsewhere),   Charlie   Pavao   and   Jean   Trefethen.    A  

sizable   group   (hope   I   didn’t   miss   anyone).    We  

  in   a   bit   over   an   hour     from   the   end   of   the  

pavement   all   the   way   to   Wainaku     the   old   saw  

about   many   hands   is   again   validated.   THANK   YOU!  


I   am   probably   the   only   one   who   can   testify   that  

progress,   (glacial   progress),   is   being   made,   as  

there   are   no   outward   signs   that   anything   is   happening.    The   county   has   in   their   possession,   for   nearly   a  

month,    a   list   of   the   materials   needed.    They   now   require   estimates   for   all   items,   something   we   only  

learned   this   past   week.    So   while   frustrations   abound,   and   virtuous   patience   is   being   tested,   we   are  

grinding   away   at   it   and   expect   to   see   material   progress   this   summer,   certainly   (?)   this   year.    So   as   we   are  

in   the   the   third   year   of   working   at   this,   certainty,   is   a   moving   target.    BUT,   when   we   get   the   materials   in  

hand,   we   will   need   people   to   help,   that   is,   to   do   the   renovation   work     which   is   a   new   roof   and   all   the  

support   structure   as   well   as   siding,   gutters   and   paint.  

Park   Improvement   Steering   Committee:    Mihaela   Ryer,   Scott   Trefethen,   Roxy   Lynch,   Gary   Barr  


MEET   &   GREET      County   Council   candidate   Heather   Kimball   will   be   coming   by   to   introduce   herself   and  

be   introduced   to   our   community   association..  


For   those   concerned   with   the   recent   reduction   of   recycling   services,   Paradise   Plastics   will   take   1,   2,   4,   5  

plastic   containers.    Business   Services   also   takes   1,   2’s   (bottle   shaped).    Recycling   is   dif  (shouldn’t   be),  

a   short   discussion   at   our   meeting   might   bring   up   some   avenues   that   would   make   it   easier   for   concerned  

people   to   deal   with   their   plastic.  

A   bit   of   uplift   ….   Mauna   Kea   Magistry  


Photo     Gwen   Herrington  

email:    wkcassoc@gmailcom     http://www.facebook.com/friendsoaiwikipark   

website    http://www.kaiwiki.org  


Vice   President



Gary   Barr  

Roxanna   Lynch  

Dan   Lindsay  

Jean   Trefethen  

Members   at   Large:    Sharon   O’Connell,   Pam   Brand,   Beverly   Fuller,   Scott   Trefethen,   Mihaela   Ryer,   Charlie   Pavao   (Emeritus)  

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