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Welcome to the “Un-Official” Website for the Wainaku Kaiwiki neighborhood.  As the webmaster, I will do my best to keep the you informed about local news and events.  This is a volunteer site, meaning nobody gets paid to do this and I am not a professional webmaster or blogger.  In fact, I am a Real Estate Broker and a Farmer here on Kaiwiki.  We raise goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs, donkey, and the usual local fruits and vegetables.  Send me a comment if you wish to come up and see the farm or purchase some animals.

Our neighborhood is special and my goal is help create a closer community for those who share that vision. I will do my best to get the word out whenever I receive information affecting our immediate community regarding Bridge and Road Closures, Power Outages (although it may be tricky without electricity), Lost Animals, Suspicious People (ie. a person hiding in the bushes outside someone’s house), Accidents, Food Exchanges, Block Parties, Community Meetings etc.  If you have something that you think others might like to know about, leave me a comment.

Thank you for stopping by and come back often. Better yet, click “Follow” at the bottom and I’ll send you a notice when something new is published. Mahalo!

Kaiwiki John


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, John

    Thanx for posting the church rummage sale. All my donated books sold
    “immaculate condition, classics” – Thanx again – Sharon P.


  2. P.S. Cool new photo !


  3. What’s the status of Kaiwiki Park improvement plan?


  4. I am meeting with Torrey in the am to discuss his ideas.


  5. My apologies and thanks to my neighbors for helping me with my runaway cows on Sunday. They are now gone for good!
    If you have any fence damage that needs to be repaired, please call me at 209-0450. Thanks! Dennis at 2893 Kaiwiki

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    • Thanks Dennis. I have to admit, it was unusual seeing a 1-cow stampede followed by a cowboy on horse being chased by a couple pick-up trucks and a dog…


    • OMG! That had to be the craziest thing I ever saw on Kaiwiki. I was sitting out front of my house with Richard when I looked up and saw a one cow stampede running full throttle down road. As I was processing this event, a “Cowboy” on horse back galloped by, rope in hand. This was so quick and out of the norm, its easy brush off as a delusion or whatever, but it really did happen here on Kaiwiki.


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