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New Trash Service

Hello All,

I just spoke with a Leinani, who has a small rubbish service she offers on Kaiwiki Rd every Wednesday.  She charges $20.00 per month for 5 bag max. She is new-old-school so she can only accept phone calls and text messages (no email). I just met her and was very impressed.  I am very excited about not having to go to the dump all the time!
Leinani’s phone number is 808-989-0254
She has a small pickup and this is not her full time job so I would suspect that it is a first come first serve basis.

John Lawler

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Neighborhood Alert

Yesterday, the 2nd of October, a neighbor near Kaiwiki Park saw a fully clothed man or woman wearing a helmet on a new looking moped (silver & red) who stopped to open and close her mailbox. Before doing so, the neighbor saw the moped parked at Kaiwiki Park pavilion.  My husband said he too saw the same moped cruise up and down this area.
The neighbor alerted the police. If you see this suspicious moped rider, please take down plate number and either reply here or call me at 961.0692.  I’ll then give information to my neighbor to follow up with police.
Gail Seavers


Kaiwiki Chapel Update

Central Christian Church’s (CCC) new pastor has taken an interest in saving Kaiwiki Chapel from nature’s decay.  CCC was built for the Kaiwiki portuguese plantation families 107 years ago and is located 4 miles up Kaiwiki Road on the mauka side of the street.

Neighbors Cindy Inoue, Sharon Pavao and cousin Charlie Pavao (whose uncle built the chapel) were invited to meet with the pastor to discuss its future. Although a recent deal fell through to save it, the pastor wants to proceed with our community’s original plan to place a protective tarp over the top, repair the floorboard, etc. to eventually use it as a community gathering place.

VOLUNTEERS/DONATIONS:  Our community association would like to partner with CCC to make this happen.  Anyone have access to a “bucket loader” elevated cherry picker or a large strong tarp & rope to protect the top of the chapel?

If you would like to volunteer your time, services, labor, equipment, or donate funds to this worthy cause, please email or text neighbor Cindy Inoue at cindykondo@msn.com or text 808.366-0287.

Thank you for your time.

John Lawler,


Wainaku Kaiwiki Community Association (WKCA)

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Kaiwiki Potluck a Success!

It is safe to say that the Kaiwiki Summer Potluck was a success.  There were more people in attendance on Saturday than I recall ever seeing.  There was even a showing by Mayor Harry Kim!  We had food, water slides, food, horse shoes, science experiments, treasure hunts, swimming pools and lots and lots of delicious food.  The weather was unusually great and  a good time was had by all.  Thank you Roxy, Torrey, Gary, Gene, Cindy, John, Richard, Mihaela and Charlie (and everyone else who helped) for your work in helping to arrange, set-up, coordinate, involvement and clean up. Your many hands made light work.  Aloha and see you again next year!
John Lawler
WCKA President


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Kaiwiki Renovations & Park Improvements

Kaiwiki Park Improvements

There is a renewed and energetic effort to realize improvements for Kaiwiki Park. The pavilion is in sore need of renovation and the park is lacking facilities for children and families. A group of neighbors has met with Councilwoman Valerie Poindexter and park representatives to discuss steps to move forward on this long overdue project. Valerie is very supportive of park improvements and with her guidance we have set up a meeting with the Mayor. To this end, we will be canvassing the community to collect signatures to present to the Mayor. We would very much appreciate your signature to demonstrate that there is a need at Kaiwiki Park that is widely supported by the community.

To learn more click here

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Kaiwiki Road Clean-Up Day

Date:  April 7, Friday
Time:  8:30 a.m. – pau
Place:  Meet at Kaiwiki Park at 8:30 a.m.if you want to carpool & work in teams

What to Bring:    your gloves, trash bags, sun hat & good spirits

We’ll supply:    orange safety vests (get them at 8:30 a.m. from the park) and drinking water

If it rains we’ll postpone it to another day.  For more info call Cindy at 808.366-0287 (cell)

John Lawler,
WKCA President
John Lawler