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Follow up letter to the Hawaii County Parks and Recreation

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Gary Barr

2820 Kaiwiki Road

Hilo, Hi, 96720


Office of the Director, Hawaii Co. Parks and Recreation



The attached letter was emailed on July 5th.   I have not received a response and so I am sending it the old fashioned way, in case it did not reach the intended recipients.

Of the items addressed in the letter, the water has been restored, which we very much appreciate.  However, garbage cans are still missing resulting in bits of trash scattered about and signage remains largely absent.  I would also like to add one more sign to the list.  Neighbors have complained of vehicles in the park way past the 9:00 closing time.  I looked for a sign indicating hours and found it above the women’s bathroom, which is not very visible. Perhaps it can be made more visible, such as at the entrance of the park. The graffiti is still present.

With all due respect, I understand that there are unique pressures on county services at the present time, and addressing some of these issues may not be possible for a while. At a minimum, we need the trash cans (and removal service) replaced. We have a larger community event coming up on August 11 (our Annual Summer Potluck) . . . it would be a shame to have a lack of simple resources negatively affect our community outreach efforts.

Of note, the WKCA is working hard to establish a strong working relationship with the County to better serve our community and effective communication is a key component of these efforts. A formal response to our requests would not only be appreciated, but would give us some idea of what and when solutions can be expected, or lacking that, what we as a community can do to resolve some of these issues ourselves.


Gary Barr

President, Wainaku Kaiwiki Community Association

Cc Valerie Poindexter

www.facebook.com/friendsofkaiwikipark      website www.kaiwiki.org

email:  wkcassoc@gmail.com

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Letter sent to Parks and Recreation

July 3, 2018

Director, Hawaii County Parks and Recreation

Re:  Kaiwiki Park

On Saturday, June 30, a group of community members from our association did a cleanup of Kaiwiki Road; something we do 3-4 times a year.  When we gathered at the park, we noticed trash, cigarette butts, graffiti in the women’s bathroom, and the water was shut off (without any notification as to why or when it would be restored).  Kaiwiki Park has been a long time fixture in our community and over the years community members have regularly taken responsibility for maintenance issues as possible (i.e., small building repairs, periodic cleaning, and general sprucing up).  Additionally, we have worked hard over the last year with both the county and the community to revitalize our cherished park. As such, the situation we encountered on Saturday was frustrating and disappointing to say the least.  No garbage cans, no water (or associated signage), along with the general disrepair of the building does little to invite the community or encourage appropriate use.  It also makes it difficult for those who respect the property and have been working hard to improve it.

We are requesting the following:

1)  At least two garbage cans with signage that prohibits household garbage (including potential fines). It may also be helpful to provide the variety with a small opening on top to discourage inappropriate trash.

2)  Additional signage regarding the illegality of smoking (including potential fines) on the premises.  The one small sign is apparently not enough.

3)  We would also request notification when there is a utility problem, ideally both on site and to the email provided below, so that such information can be distributed to the community.

We need the county’s support in taking care of a valued resource in our community. While we understand that resources are limited, we believe that we can work together to protect and even improve Kaiwiki Park. The simple requests outlined above will help us continue making progress. We are happy to meet to discuss these issues further and/or brainstorm additional ideas for improvement.

Sincerely and Mahalo

Gary Barr – President – Wainaku Kaiwiki Community Association.

CC  Valerie Poindexter